Doctors orders

Doctors orders

I used to work with a phenomenal doctor who once told me that the recommended number of cups of coffee a person should drink each day was 8.  8- 8oz cups of coffee per day is a lot.  I'm not sure where he got his information, or if he was just messing with me.  Besides, the most I saw him drink was 4.  So...... 

Now, in general, I drink between 1-3 8oz cups per day, depending on my days activities.  I recently purchased an Aeropress, which is like a french press.  With the Aeropress I can use my fine ground espresso without having residual or grounds at the bottom of my cup.  It's a smooth cup all the way down.  Lately I've been making my coffee this way.

  • 1 leveled scoop (about 11.5 grams or 2.5 Tbsp. of espresso
  • 8oz hot water from the kettle poured over espresso and then stirred
  • 2 packets of Splenda in cup prior to pouring coffee in
  • Between 3-4 oz of half & half stirred into coffee

This mixture and process works for me because adding the coffee to the sweetener gives it time to dissolve completely in the hot liquid.  Then adding the half & half lightens it up while adding to the smoothness.  You could pour it over ice for the iced coffee experience too.

I may have been able to put down 8 cups per day, had I found this system 3 years ago.  I definitely would have completed more tasks.

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