Let's do some math

Let's do some math

Every day before work I used to go to one of the many local coffee stands or shops in our area.  Sometimes twice a day.  I usually got black coffee.  Sometimes I would put a little sweetener and creamer in it.  But most of the time, just black.  Anyways, each trip it would cost me about $3.00 for my daily caffeine infusion.  After a while I realized how much money I was actually spending on burnt tasting mediocre coffee that I thought was good.  At the end of the month I was spending $90 on something that was more of an accessory.  Kind of like a belt or a hat.  No one at work commented on it with excitement or asked questions like "OOOOO WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? or WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THOSE?"  And I didn't come in flaunting my hot morning treasure either.

I got smart about my caffeine addiction.  I say addiction because, well....... you know.  I can't live without it, and you won't survive without me having it.  I started trying different brands of store bought coffee.  I've tried different ways of brewing.  From the standard coffee pot to single cup to pour over to french press.  I also played with the time the grounds brew in the french press.  I've messed around with grinding my own from course to fine.  I don't remember finding that one system where I thought "oh man, that's a fantastic cup o' joe".  It was usually "oh that's better" or "nope".  I still look for new and different ways to consume one of Gods delicious gifts.

However, I did stumble upon a company that produces the coffee that I sell.  Right now the system that I use is preground beans that I brew in my Aeropress.  I let it brew for about 2 minutes, then filter that hot beautiful goodness directly into my mug.  This isn't a sales pitch.  I really enjoy the Chief.  It's a bold french roast without the bitterness.  The great thing about this is every cup is consistent.  I know what I'm getting with each cup I brew.  Taste, flavor, it's the same every time.  I view it as a daily treat to myself.  We all know how we feel when we taste something really good.  We want to share it with others so they can experience that same feeling.

So here's where the math comes into play.  As I said earlier, I was spending over $90 per month.  I worked with a nurse who spent around $1,000 each month on coffees.  Anyways, I'm able to buy a 12oz bag of roast to order coffee for $20.  That includes shipping directly to my door in about 1 week.  At 11.5 grams of grounds per scoop, 340 grams per bag.  That's 30 scoops per bag.  That bag should last me about 1 month.  That's if I only drink one cup per day.  Which I'm between 1-3 cups depending on my days activities.  Bottom line is that's $0.66 per cup opposed to the $3.00 at the coffee stands.  $90 compared to $20 per month.  Now I have $70 back in my pocket.

Now I have a little extra cash.  Brewing my own takes less time than driving to the coffee shop.  Plus, I don't have to wait in a drive-through or stand in line just to place my order and expect an inconsistent sub par cup of coffee.

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